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Druzy Stud Earrings from Etsy

Hi friends!

It’s amazing the way accessories can change and elevate the look of any outfit, and accessorizing is one of my favorite parts of putting together an outfit. Ever since I got my ears pierced at 8 years old, earrings have been my favorite accessories to amp up my look. I have gone through many phases when it comes to my earring choices (and style choices in general… Let’s save that discussion for another post!) Recently, I have been wearing stud earrings pretty much every day.

My reasons for currently rocking studs on a regular basis:

  • They are simple and classic
  • They look great when you have your hair up or down
  • They are far less likely to get caught on things (a real issue!)
  • They allow you to use other accessories & jewelry pieces without being overwhelmingly accessorized (is that even a thing? I guess I just made it one)

I have accumulated quite a few pairs of studs, but the most interesting and unique ones I’ve ever purchased arrived on my doorstep last night. I randomly came across this Instagram page on my “Explore” tab while idly scrolling one night, and I fell in love with the earrings. So I went to her Etsy store and chose a few pairs.

Druzy Earrings
Druzy Earrings from dreamowldruzy on Etsy

After I completed my order, Etsy informed me that my order would be coming from a town that is only 2 towns over from where I live! I hadn’t even realized where she was located because I’d been so enamored by the stones, and then come to find out they were handmade approximately 20 minutes from where I was sitting. I ordered 4 pairs of stud earrings. The pretty glittering effect that you see on 3 of the 4 pairs is called druzy, and this comes from layering tiny crystals on top of some other colorful mineral. These are DreamOwlDruzy’s specialty. The 4th pair (2nd from the left in the picture) looks like iridescent mermaid scales which will be perfect to wear during the summer. She hand-makes every single order placed through her store, and each pair came even more beautiful than I was expecting. I’m so excited to start wearing these; I think they are going to look great with both dressed-up and dressed-down looks, and I’m already eyeing a few more pairs 😉

Be sure to check out DreamOwlDruzy on Etsy and Instagram (dream.owl.druzy on Instagram)… A great way to shop small (and local for my Northern California readers!)

What’s your favorite accessory? And if you like wearing stud earrings, what are some of your favorites?!

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Sneakers: not just for the gym anymore.

Hi friends!

Rose Gold Nikes
Rose Gold Nikes

One of my favorite pastimes is looking at sneakers online. Seriously. There’s a chance it could be considered obsessive.

In high school, I wore Vans and Converse all the time, but that was about as far as I dabbled into the world of “lifestyle” sneakers. Since then, I’ve worn a lot of flats, boots, heels, and sandals, but sneakers found their way out of my wardrobe and only onto my feet if I was working out. Until recently. I bought a pair of Nike Airmax 90’s about 2 years ago because I have always been drawn to the style, and this particular colorway was on sale. However, I’ve only worn them a handful of times. As cute as they are, the bright pink & mint green don’t leave a ton of room for styling beyond those 2 colors, so consequently these have basically been collecting dust in my closet.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago: I was indulging in my weekly (Bi-weekly? Daily?) episode of browsing sneakers online when I came across these on Needless to say, they came home to mama. Nike describes the metallic accent color as “red bronze” but that is rose gold to me, and no one can tell me otherwise. Rose gold is another weakness of mine, so I just couldn’t pass these up.

Now, as I mentioned, I have barely dipped my toe (pun intended) in the “wearing sneakers somewhere other than the gym” pool, so I am still struggling with how to style these well. However, one of the things I love about this pair is the bit of black. That made it very easy for me to throw on black leggings and a black sweater with some rose gold jewelry. This allowed the Nikes to be the focal point of the outfit, and the black with rose gold accents tied it all together.

Nike Air Max 90's with rose gold accents
Nike Air Max 90’s with rose gold accents

Any black leggings and black top will work for this outfit. The jewelry was all purchased from Charming Charlie. The link bracelet is just simple rose gold triangular links that almost look like hearts. I just have to give you guys a close up of the other bracelet and the necklace.

Rose Gold & Opal Bracelet
Rose Gold & Opal Bracelet

I’m hoping the opalescence that these stones have is coming through; I’ve been really loving opalescent and iridescent finishes recently. It’s beautiful enough to wear on its own, but it’s also a great bracelet to stack with others.

Teardrop Pendant
Teardrop Pendant

This necklace is so unique, and it works really well against a black or white top. The pendant looks purple in this photo, but it is actually a brownish/amber color that shifts in different lights. The attachments that adorn the outside of the pendant are rose gold, and it is attached to a long double chain which is both gunmetal and gold. I really enjoy mixing metals, so this necklace was put in my basket immediately after I first saw it.

Needless to say, I already have my eye on several other pairs of sneakers… I may have an online shopping cart or 2 filled as we speak 😉 What are your favorite “lifestyle” sneakers? And any suggestions on how you would style this particular pair?

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