Make It Up Monday

  • skincare bright & early

    Skincare, Bright & Early

    Hi friends! As you know if you saw my Skincare: After-Hours post, my nighttime routine involves the use of quite a few products. This can partially be attributed to the fact that I have the luxury of time in the evenings. In the mornings, I tend to follow the “fireman routine”, as my dad so […] Read more…

  • top 5 makeup products

    Makeup Products for a Deserted Island

    Hi friends! If I was stranded on a deserted island, let me assure you that my makeup bag would not be at the top of my list of things to be stranded with. However, if I were afforded the luxury of having a small makeup bag with me, there are five items that would absolutely […] Read more…

Waistline Wednesday

  • 2016 goals

    Fitness Goals for 2016

    Hi friends! Since we just celebrated the new year, like 86% of the rest of the world (I made that statistic up, shhh!), I have made some resolutions goals for 2016 that revolve around making healthier choices. I think the word “resolution” can have a negative connotation for a lot of people (myself included) and […] Read more…

Thursday Threads

  • Druzy Earrings

    Druzy Stud Earrings from Etsy

    Hi friends! It’s amazing the way accessories can change and elevate the look of any outfit, and accessorizing is one of my favorite parts of putting together an outfit. Ever since I got my ears pierced at 8 years old, earrings have been my favorite accessories to amp up my look. I have gone through […] Read more…

  • Rose Gold Nikes

    Sneakers: not just for the gym anymore.

    Hi friends! One of my favorite pastimes is looking at sneakers online. Seriously. There’s a chance it could be considered obsessive. In high school, I wore Vans and Converse all the time, but that was about as far as I dabbled into the world of “lifestyle” sneakers. Since then, I’ve worn a lot of flats, […] Read more…

Settle Down Sunday

  • goals

    April Adjustments: Time to evaluate goals

    Hi friends! As the calendar turns to April, we are greeted with sunshine, warmer weather, brighter colors on our lips, nails, and bodies, and the stark realization that 25% of the year has already been marked off. Well, that list sure took a negative turn. But I am all about finding the silver lining in […] Read more…

  • music february

    Monthly Jams ♬ February

    Hi friends! I can’t believe we are already at the end of February, even though we do get a bonus day tomorrow! But, with the end of a month comes the time for my monthly music favorites I feel like this month flew by, and the additions to my playlist were few and far between. […] Read more…